Enlightened Spirit Quotes Sahaja Yoga

What is Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga was founded in 1970 by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923 – 2011).The word 'Sahaja' in Sanskrit has two components: 'Saha' is 'with' and 'ja' is 'born'.

With a small group of devotees around her, she began spreading her message of Sahaja Yoga in India in the year 1970. As she moved with her husband to London, UK, she continued her work there, and year by year the movement grew and spread throughout Europe, by the mid-80's reaching North America. In 1989, Shree Mataji made her first trip to Russia and Eastern Europe.She charged no money, insisting that her lesson was a birthright which should be freely available to all. "There can be no peace in the world until there is peace within," she said. By 2006, Sahaja Yoga had centers in at least 16 countries.


Why Sahaja Yoga?

Sahaja Yoga has an answer to every single question you might ever have asked to yourself or to God or to anyone else.


Sahaja Yoga Quotes


"Sahaja Yoga is a very subtle happening within us. It's a very subtle happening. And this subtle happening gives you sensitivity to divine joy"

H. H. Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi


"Sahaja Yoga is a system by which you jump into the Truth itself. You become the Truth, you don’t see the Truth, you don’t understand the Truth, but you become the Truth. It is most amazing thing that human beings don’t understand what to expect out of Truth. They are seeking Truth but they have no conception about the absolute value of Truth. Truth, we cannot compromise. It doesn’t have two sides: like you have day and night, you have right and wrong. It’s absolute! There is no compromise about it"

H. H. Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi


"Sahaja Yoga is nothing but love, love, love. How much you love others is the main point. Despising, criticizing, is not good."

H. H. Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi


"It can be proved by Sahaja Yoga that there is God, and there is His power of love. Whether you believe in God blindly or don’t believe in it, it’s just the same. Many people come and tell Me that “Mother, we pray to God and nothing happens to us. We are just like people who do not believe in God.” The reason is, you are not connected with God. If this machine is not connected to the mains, it won’t work. If your telephone is not connected, it won’t work. So the first thing is to get connected to this all-pervading Power. And all of you have got this divinity within yourself. You all can get your Self-realization, and get connected to this all-pervading Power."

H. H. Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi


"The greatest law of Sahaja Yoga is that it is a collective happening.

January 3,1988 , Ganapatipule, India"

H. H. Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi


""A True Sahaja Yogi is above money""

*मैं* की मटकी क्या फूटी! दिल मक्खन हो गया!

Sahaja Yoga is one thing which gives you a complete vision of the destruction that can follow this maya business. It is something, such a insight that you do not have to do anything with it. I am different, I told you. I don’t understand it at all. 
*But even if you understand the value of money, even if you understand that money can bring lots of things to you, despite that, you don’t look at it. Just turn your face. That is the sign of a real Sahaja Yogi.*  To him, it doesn’t matter, temperamentally. It is not that he does something for that or tells his mind, nothing. 
*Temperamentally, he does not care for money just because he is above it. The one who is above money is a real Sahaja Yogi.*

*Shri Mataji - 18/08/2002*