"The essence of love is concern"


"If love is killed, joy is lost. You cannot have joy without love."


"Love should be pure. If you have love for someone you won’t see bad points of the other person, never."


"If you have love, you can correct people without saying anything to them because love is a supreme intelligence."


"In love you don’t doubt, no question. Only when you think you doubt, but when you love you don’t doubt, you just love because you enjoy love. And that’s why love is joy and joy is love."


"Sahaja Yoga is like a tree which requires love as the water."


"The most dynamic power in this world is that of love"


"In the Meditation, you will feel the love, the Divine Love, the beauty of that Divine Love"


"When you Meditate, you should do it with love.

Love will cleanse everything."


"You may be very great, you might be very intelligent, you may be earning lots of money, whatever it is. It’s not so important. What is the most important thing is that you are loved"


"Everybody must love and a pure love will change your lives. It will change the whole world."


"Love is not something dead like a Stone. When it melts it encompasses everything"


"The truth is that this Divine Power is compassion, is love. This is the truth. They say God is love and God is truth, so the equation has to be made that truth is love and love is truth. But it is not a truth as you have for your own children, you have for your family – attached. Attached love is not truth. If you are attached to somebody, then you will never see the bad points of that person. If you are angry with somebody, then you can never see the good points of that person. But it is a complete, detached love and that love is extremely powerful because whenever you project that love to anyone, you will be surprised. The problems of that person will be solved. His personality will improve. Everything will work out in a very big way and his life will be changed."