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"Dharma makes a man completely, absolutely frozen person. Like the ice-cream gets frozen, similarly, he also gets frozen. Then how will the energy flow? How will people enjoy it? Then He started playing with colours and so on. All the colours also, if you see, are the colours of the Devi Holi is played with the colours of the seven chakras. Put all the colours of the chakras onto you! play with joy, enthusiasm and happiness. What is the need to be so much serious? If you have achieved God, then why are you not happy?"

H. H. Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi

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"The main power of Radhaji was to give joy. Her main power was to give joy to everyone. And that’s why She then started this festival of Holi. When Krishna came, he stopped all the pujas. And He said, “Now you don’t perform any pujas. Go towards the Atma which you have to achieve. And don’t get lost into small, small things. We don’t have to get lost in insignificant things. But you have to set your sight to higher things"

H. H. Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi

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"So, in between “duty” and “dharma” the dilemma is in between these two. In this situation we must understand that dharma is higher than duty. The duty of dharma is higher than a normal duty and even higher is the dharma of the Atma (Spirit). It means that the one with a smaller importance, whatever could be the importance of our goal, the goal which is higher, which has a higher importance, if you have to achieve it, then the smaller goal must be given up"

H. H. Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi

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"So, no need to do too much because then the seriousness comes in. Because Shri Krishna stopped all the pujas, and concentrated only on Holi. Leave it, no need for puja, etc. The puja was completely stopped. And similarly, while remembering Shri Krishna we should stop all the pujas. And today being the day of happiness and joy, we should meet each other with love, because today is the day of Holi. And we should enjoy the festival of Holi and make it into Diwali, as I explained to you before, to understand its culture better, in a very harmonious way. We should make a beautiful creation of a new type of Holi. That’s why we must make Holi into Diwali and Diwali into Holi."

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